Friday, March 11, 2011

For the Birthday Girl

This dress was a custom order for a very discerning patron.
You see, it's for her fourth birthday and it must be just so.
A pink dress that twirls was what she ordered.
And while I should know better than to push it with a fashion forward almost four year old, I opted to throw in a little turquoise. 

She acquiesced under the condition that it not be "too much".
Fearing that she might consider the hem band "too much" turquoise, I broke up the blue with these ribbons around the hem.

It will be in the mail soon. Fingers crossed that it will prove acceptable.
If my own three, almost four, year old is any gauge, I wager the twirl-factor will decide it. 
And this full skirt?
Well, it can twirl!

Happy early birthday sweet girl! I hope it's every bit as lovely as you are.


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