Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Purse

And here she is, my new Spring purse.
I completed her on Wednesday night and woke up to snow on the ground Thursday.
I carried this springy purse all day anyway just to spite Mother Nature.
This purse design is a little more boxy than the one I've been using. I printed the tutorial for this purse out ages ago and it doesn't have the source printed on it anywhere so I'm not sure how to give credit where it's due this time.
Forgive the low quality cell phone photo, but you can see the boxy bottom better here than in any of my "good" photos.

And how cute is this fabric? It's a Jennifer Paganelli print that I've been hoarding for the Bug's Easter dress. But the Bug had different ideas. Pink and purple ideas. So, this pretty little number is mine!
I did a little bit larger slit pocket on the front of this purse. It gapped open a bit more than I liked (don't want to lose my sunglasses!) so I added a last minute button. I kind of like how it "hides" in that pleat.
The inside is lined with a vintage sheet you might remember from my President's Day thrifting.
It's so soft and silky. I don't know how the light color will hold up, but we'll give it a go since it was such a perfect companion for the bold green exterior.

I tried another zipper pocket. This one went a bit more smoothly. I just may get it yet. I feel like I'm getting closer, though you'll see my stitching is a bit crooked.

And the green strip on the left is my key fob. Gotta have it or I lose my keys in the shadowy depths.
And here, just keeping it real.
This is why I need pockets. Lots of pockets.
Imagine all that stuff just floating around in the bottom of my bag.

That would not be pretty.

So there you have it. I think I'm done making purses for myself for a while. Next on to a custom pocket-filled messenger bag deluxe for a friend and an Easter "ruffle dress" for the Bug!


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