Thursday, April 7, 2011

Proof That I am Insane and Have Been for a long time. . .

This here is the first real quilt I ever made.
I hand dyed the fabric for every last square.

Someday I would love to have a workshop/sewing room where I could dye again.
Look at how gorgeous those colors are.
I really had no idea how to make a quilt.
But my sister was graduating from high school and I thought she should have a really cool and unique quilt for her bed when she left for college.

And how hard can it be? It's just cutting up fabric and sewing it back together, right?

I had visions of her wrapping up in it when she was away and feeling warm and loved and not so far away from us.
Which is really a beautiful sentiment.
Had she gotten the quilt before she left for college.
You see, this was my first quilt. And aside from hand dying the fabric, I hand quilted the entire thing.
It's not just a throw, it's twin sized.
Can you see the detail there?
It's really insane.
I can't even begin to imagine the amount of time it must have taken me.

Obviously this was done in the days pre-Bug.

Michelle received this a year or so after she graduated. It's how I operate when I quilt. I bite off more than I can chew and then I can't deliver by the promised date. It's me. But I hope the end product is worth the wait.

I made this quilt ten years ago.
Ten years.
I just came across these photos tonight and had some good time reminiscing. I haven't seen this quilt in a while. It was fun to remember those days. And I thought you might like to see too.
I've been nuts for a long, long time. . .



  1. Thanks for giving my age :) hahaha - I got it before I graduated college - so I did get to use it there! And now it is in our family room and I use it almost every night! I LOVE IT! I brag about it to everyone that comes over.

  2. I remember when you first showed me a picture of it and I literally thought you were 'insane' ;-D

    It looks gorgeous and such a keepsake.