Monday, April 25, 2011

Ruffle Dress for Easter

The Bug and I collaborated on this dress.
And by "collaborated" I mean, she made the design decisions and I provided the labor.
At almost four she sure does have a lot of opinions.
What is more girly than layer after layer of ruffles?
Layers of ruffles in purple and pink that's what.

She chose the lavender fabric.
She chose the bright pink thread.
I struggled to work within her vision.
She chose the pattern.
Little Lizard King's Little Princess Ruffle Dress of course.

I made a 5T. I think it will fit next Easter too.
Oh well. I suppose after all of that work attaching those ruffles I want this dress to last as long as possible, right?

I also adapted the bodice so I could use some bunny buttons from my grandma's button jar.
Light up Princess sandals completed the ensemble.
Also her choice.

She said she felt like a dancing princess.
And despite the wet weather she proceeded to dance her way to the ball (aka, church).

I suppose that makes giving up my creative control all worth it, right?



  1. awwww!!! adorable. You and Lily make a great team! I know my girls would have loved that color combination as well. :-)