Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Crafting Hope

Our little sewing group met again last week.
We had a different crowd this time, which was exciting! Word is getting out!
I love how perfect the library meeting room is for this. We have room for several more sewing machines so if you are local and have interest let me know and I'll see that you get a June invite.
As my lovely friend Jessica is showing us, this time we made bibs and burp cloths (not pictured here) for young moms.

And yes, I know I am probably asking for trouble by posting this photo on the world wide web. 
But how cute is she? How cute is that bib? How could I not?
You see my dilemma?
We used the library's portable die cut machine to cut out our appliqué pieces. This was a huge time saver. I am a big fan of the die cut machine.
And here are a few of the finished burp cloths.
And the bibs.

Somehow I managed to not get a single picture of the beautiful machine embroidered bibs and burp cloths one very generous over-achiever brought already made that night.  What a sweet heart.

I just know some young mommas are going to feel very blessed.

The patterns we used were from the book "Craft Hope".
The next time we meet, I think we will be making clothes for friends to take with them to Haiti. Perhaps some shorts for the boys and maybe more pillowcase dresses for the girls? We shall see!



  1. Ha ha! You really had no choice in the matter.;)

    Very bummed that I missed out on this night! I am so honored to be a part of this heart-child of yours. And those bibs and burps are adorable!