Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Diversion

Michelle mentioned my over the top party planning, yes?
I'm never sure how I suck myself in to so many little projects for something like this.  It nearly drives me insane but I am all about the details.
And so, what do I do when I'm stressing the little things?

I avoid the issue at hand and I sew something totally random.
It helps if it's an itty bitty baby thing.
Because then I can ooh and ahh and dream about snuggly baby cuddles. And what is more stress relieving than that?
First, the bow tie onesie which is so cute on it's own really it would have been enough.
 But when have you ever known me to leave well enough alone?
Really? Like never, right?

See, last time Michelle was visiting she was in the middle of making some of these adorable baby booties and I was smitten.  
The pattern was from free baby shoe pattern mecca, Homespun Threads. I downloaded every single pattern, but landed on these little slip ons.

And wow! Working with something so small was a challenge! I ended up doing that zig zag stitch around the top just to make sure everything caught. I don't love it but it's growing on me. I'm telling myself that it's that "deconstructed" look that's so popular. (Is that still a trend? Please don't tell me if it isn't)

The outside is a vintage piece I had in my stash (stolen from my mom's stash years ago--Thanks Mom!) and the inside is the softest red fuzzy knit. I have no idea where it came from but it called out to me for this project.

I used the illustrious ladder stitch to finish these off. Just thought I'd give a little shout out to my sis for bringing it to my attention.  It's funny the simple things you forget after years and years.
So here is the finished gift, for the mom of a preemie boy.
In my mind, I think I should make a little pair of shorts or something, right?
But I have to be done.
I have a big party to get ready for. And a certain princess' dress need some significant alteration.


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