Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hawaiian Dress

A Hawaiian dress?
Yep, that was the request. It was needed for a Hawaiian themed preschool graduation.

Themed requests can be so difficult. I've spent enough time watching Project Runway that I know not to be too "literal" in conveying the theme. And I want this to be a dress she can wear again and again, not just to graduation.
We found this floral fabric that was just perfect.  It says "Hawaii" and "Aloha" in a nice script around the flowers but it doesn't scream at you like a Hawaiian shirt.  It's the prettiest shade of purpley-pink too. So I ordered a yard.

And nearly cried when it came.
It was heavier than I expected. Not canvas weight, but definitely heavier than a normal quilting cotton. I obviously did not read the listing closely enough.

Inspired once again by PR, I had a "make it work" moment.
And make it work, I did.
This Oliver & S Popover Sundress pattern works well with the more structured fabric because of the simple lines.  There aren't many seams so there isn't a lot of bulk or extra weight.
I added the embroidered eyelet to make it a bit more girly and soft. And it reminded me of those embroidered Hawaiian shirts.
My favorite part is this little bodice strip. I love the embroidery. I love the mini pom pom trim. I love the crisp white.  The white fabric was very light and airy in comparison to the floral so I added a bit of interfacing to the bodice so it was more crisp. 

I really, really like the finished project and can't wait to see this sweet, big girl in it!


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  1. Tim Gunn would be so proud. I could see the hands at his chin, nodding in confirmation. ;-)