Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Of Birthday Parties and Ladder Stitching

The prodigal blogging sister has returned from her time away. Can you believe it? My 7th tax season is over - I hope I don't always count my life in tax seasons - and I am slowly coming back to the land of the sewing. I have been working on a few things here and there - and I hope to finish something soon, ha!

Those of you who have been following our blog for over a year or who know one of us personally, know that a week ago the most precious little (not so little) girl in our lives turned 4! Of course this calls for a PARTY - a party which had to be postponed a whole week because of a silly aunt's scheduling conflicts! Can you believe the nerve? But I am oh so glad I don't have to miss the big day!

The party is set for this Saturday - it will be the Bug's first official birthday with just her friends. This is causing my sister some panic - I wouldn't want to have to entertain and coral seven 4ish year olds, would you?

 Anyway - I don't want to give anything away before the big day - but the Bug picked a theme and my sister in her true fun mom style is going crazy (in a good way) with that theme. She bit off a lot with this one - and I am sure she will have some great "after" blogs about the Bug's big day outfits (yes plural.) Anyway - I volunteered my services for the cause and was assigned to the take home favors for the event. Before you start thinking I got off easy with candy, goldfish, a punching balloon and some bubbles - please note that these favors are a bit more than your normal favors (or at least more than I ever got in a favor bag.) Did I mention the theme is exploding on this one - my sister had a pattern in mind for a theme appropriate doll for each little friend plus the Bug of course.

Which brings me to the subject of this post - this pattern introduced me (or re-introduced me, I very well may have learned this over 10 years a go in 4-H) to the ladder stitch - and at the risk of sounding over dramatic - I will never be the same!
Are you familiar with this little hole closing genius of a stitch? More than likely you are, but if you are like me and you are not, let me know when you are sewing two pieces together wrong sides facing, and then you leave a little hole to turn the thing right side out - then your left with a little hole to close - like when you are making a pillow? Over the last couple of years when I have had to closed a seam, and couldn't get away with edge stitching the project, I have used something more akin to the whip stitch.
Please forgive me this my biggest sewing sin! The whip stitch is NOT an attractive way to close a seam - let me tell you - especially when you have little patience for hand sewing. I was never happy with the way it looked - and how unfinished the whole project became because of this one little stitch. Enter Ladder Stitch!
See that closed hole? You don't? That's the point! Isn't she lovely?!? Now even though this seam is eventually going to be covered - the ladder stitch adds a nice clean finished look to the base of the doll.
And that makes this doll happy! (Actually the fact that I embroidered a smile on her face makes her happy, hehehe, sorry I couldn't help myself!)

The ladder stitch is all over this pattern - not just in closing the body of the doll - and I'd like to think I am slowly mastering it. If nothing else it is a good stitch to add to my arsenal (that sentence amuses me.) Anyway - I completed the first doll last night - only 6 more to go by Saturday - Wish me luck!


  1. I love you sis. You are the best. You are going to make seven little girls very, very happy.
    I love your posts. You make me laugh. I'm glad the prodigal has returned. ;) I get tired of listening to myself.

  2. SEVEN tax seasons?? That just sunk in. You are OLD!! And that means I am OLDER! Wow.

  3. Good to have you back! And good luck with all those dolls! What an effort! That ladder stitch is a gem, huh? I use it to bind my quilts. I love how you can't tell which side of the binding is hand stitched and which is machine stitched. My little secret :)