Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Sophie Dress

So named in honor of the Bug's friend whose favorite color is yellow.
Without whose influence I am certain the Bug would not have worn a dress void of pink or purple.
Thank you Sophie. From the bottom of my heart.
The dress was inspired by the Daisy Maisy dress from Sewing In No Man's Land (which was inspired by a dress at Shabby Apple, so I guess that makes this a knock off of a knock off).  I wasn't able to use her pattern because the sizing was too small so I used a bodice pattern I already had and just "winged it" for the rest.
The day Kelly posted the dress I had just received this nice chambray in the mail from Fabric.com and I knew this dress had to be made. When I paired it with this Heather Bailey Pop Garden Paisley from my stash it was love. I have been hoarding this fabric for just the right thing. I think I found it.
I fastened things up in back with a few mismatched buttons.  That yellow scroll-y number is the last of my all time favorite buttons from grandma's button jar.
Just perfect for a day of family photos, wading and playing around with cousins.


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