Friday, June 24, 2011

The Lauren Wallet

My dear friend has a daughter who needed a wallet to keep track of her very important things.
You know, that first library card, a house key and money for the pool snack bar.
 And I needed a quick, fun project to help aid in the process of pushing me out of my creative funk.
So. . . tada! The Lauren wallet.

Made from a conglomeration of tutorials across the world wide web and a whole lotta "just wing it".
I suppose that's appropriate considering the butterfly and bird theme of the fabrics.
I crack myself up.
Totally just thought of that. . . right off the cuff. . .
And you are getting this for FREE folks!
Learning to make zipper pockets has rocked my sewing world.
You think I am exaggerating?
Well if that zipper isn't cool enough for you, check out the amazing pink ruffle trim I scored on sale at Hobby Lobby.
A little inside and a little outside.
I think it totally makes the wallet over the top awesome.
You know, if you are six.
And a girl.

  I think I'm well on my way to being de-funked.
(and if you think that sentence doesn't make me laugh out loud to the point of snorting and nearly falling off of my chair. . . well then, you probably don't know me very well)


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