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May 1st Showers bring September 1st Babies?

A good friend of mine is expecting – in September – so we threw her a shower in May!  Yeah it was a little early, but there were a number of people that wouldn’t be around for the summer (college students & missionaries) so to accommodate everyone being able to come that wanted to celebrate this little life – we threw and early shower.
The new mom is in the doctoral program for linguistics at U of C – can we say smarty pants! And in general we had multiple conversations about classic children’s books – so it seemed like a good theme idea.
I had seen a number of similar “book” themed showers ideas (like here and here.)
Shower R
Now I can’t take all the credit for this party, I had two co-“hosters”.  We divided up the work load; one in charge of invites and general organization, one in charge of food, and ME in charge of games. 
Decorations were simple, we just had classic children’s books around – the best part for the first time mom – all the books went home with her!  It felt good to help her start her stash – and I had fun classic book shopping with my mom (educated in such matters.)
Shower U
The basic idea with the food was to get food that worked with a book title.  The above was a bit of a stretch in the classic book department (The Littlest Angel – angel food cake.)  But we had talked about having angel food cake – and I had just inherited my grandma’s angel food cake pan, so we just looked for a book about angels.
One of my co-host decorated the cake with berries in honor of the baby – whom the expectant parents refer to as “Berry” or “Baby Berry.”  It was a nice personal add.
Shower P 
Peter Rabbit – Veggies & Dip (just to prove not all the book-food ties were a stretch.)
But back to my contribution to the shower.
You may not know this about me – I LOVE GAMES.  I used to literally FORCE my sister to Family Game Night – I think she tried every excuse in the book to get out of those nights. However, I have one exception to that rule – I dislike (most) shower games.  You know melt the chocolate in the diaper – take a close pin if you say the “B” word (baby), gift BINGO – okay that one can sometimes be fun.
I had been wanting to try freezer stenciling for a while – and using pre-cut stencils of classic children’s book characters we were able to tie the craft right into the shower theme.  There is a great tutorial here – if you are interested in the “how to.”
Shower H 
It was a little involved for a shower game/activity, but the party was small and we had a couple people come late, so we had plenty of time for the craft.  And it was a pretty easy thing for people to get started on as they arrived.
Shower 12
I got a lot of compliments from the party guest on the “great idea.”
What I really love about this was it required as much or as little artistic talent as you had.  We had multiple pre-cut freezer paper stencils ready for those not handy with design or an Exacto knife.  But we also had a station set up for those that wanted to make their own stencils.
Shower F
Only the guest of honor ended up making her own stencil, but it was a great opportunity for her to personalize a little onsie with a fun graphic beach design (the parents to be are from California originally.) I am sad that I didn’t get a picture of that one – you will have to take my word for it.
Shower 39
Though some people feeling a little more artistic went off reservation completely – skipping the freezer paper all together.  Did you catch the “Baby Berry” reference?
I was expecting it to be fun and for her to come away with some cute onsies – but I honestly didn’t know HOW great the stencils were going to turn out!Shower 41
This one is my personal favorite – I love the color scheme! (note “Berry” is expected to be a girl – though you may have picked that up by the pink plates and flatware.)
And if you are interested in seeing the other creations, here is a little montage of all the “one”derful onsies (wah wah – sorry for the pun.)
Freezer paper
This post is getting really long – I apologize!
But one last shower game idea (not really related to the theme – but I couldn’t resist)
“Baby Face”
Shower 28
Each guest got a template baby face (an oval with ears and a little curl) and then I had printed out a lot of different pictures of mom and dad.  Guests were then instructed to cut out features from mom and dad and create a picture of what Baby Berry may come out looking like.
I highly recommend this game if you enjoy ruckus laughter…
Shower A
Or if you want to scare the mother to near death!
None of the creations pictured above are mine – so feel free to comment freely – especially on the make-up wearing baby on the left!

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