Monday, June 20, 2011

Sewers Block. . .

Is there such a thing? If there is, I have it.

I just can't seem to motivate myself.  Yeah, I've been sewing but I'm not excited about anything right now. It's not that my list of projects is any shorter or less interesting.
I'm just in a funk.
In an effort to yank myself up by the boot straps, I made myself a skirt.
I NEVER sew for myself. 
Not clothing anyway. Purses and bags, yes.  
Things that require measuring and fit? No.

But I had a glimmer of project excitement when I saw the bias skirt tutorial by Corinnea on Crafterhours and I thought I'd better take advantage of it.

Not one to "waste" good fabric on myself (self esteem issues? who me?), I opted to use a vintage sheet.  I love the sheet and it was cheap so if I screwed up I knew I wouldn't be out much. Add to that an up-cycled tee shirt waistband and unbleached muslin lining and my thrifty excuses were out the window.

In addition to my sewing funk I am also in a "I hate every pair of work pants I own" funk. And since a skirt is way easier to sew than pants well, this fit the bill for potentially catapulting me out of not just one but two major funks. 

I'm not sure I succeeded at either.
I like the skirt o.k. but I kind of feel like I'm wearing a bed sheet.
I braved wearing it to church Sunday and no one laughed in my face so maybe it doesn't scream "bed sheet" to others? Or maybe they were just talking behind my back?

I am open to thoughts on the matter because as you can see, I'm in a funk and I'm not seeing things clearly.
And please forgive my photos. I had a very irritable 3.5 ft. photographer who could only be bothered to take two photos.  You see her second shot here. Prop styling was all her as well. The lamb really sets it off though, right?  Yeah well, you take what you can get around here.


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