Monday, July 25, 2011

Baby shoes

I apologize for the uncreative blog title, but I made some baby shoes.


A little while back my sister blogged about some shoes she made to go with a onesie.  At the time she made those I was working on these – and directed her to Homespun Threads.

And if you want to make baby shoes I would direct you there too, seriously there are some great patterns…but I would advise you – tiny shoes are not for the faint of heart.

I have been working on these for a while – and they have been done for a while.  I am starting to get on better terms with them, but I am still not sure that I like them – or that I will give them to the intended momma-to-be.024

I used some old wool that was in my grandma’s stash – and paired it with Alexander Henry - Lorenza collection in peach/guava, that I had left over from this project.  I should have taken more care at making sure the wool was caught in the seam and would not unravel itself out of the seam.

But I didn’t – and that is exactly what happened at every seam – I covered the problem in the back by adding some twill tape then I added topstitching around most other seams.

Even still I was on speaking terms with the shoes – but then it came time to put the bottom in the shoes.


I thought I could use my new found ladder stich to give the inside a nice clean look – but I am not that patient.

It is probably good that the end result is something I am not overly happy with – because in the beginning stages the baby shoes were so incredibly cute – I think I convinced everyone that I showed, and I showed anyone that would look, that they needed a baby to put the tiny shoes on.

So in the end – you can see the rough edges on the inside, and there is not means of keeping them on the little ones foot.

And the mom recently mentioned that she is sick of getting things that are pink.


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