Wednesday, July 20, 2011

MADE Bathrobe

I have been wanting to make the Bug a bathrobe for ages.
I tried the hooded towel thing a while back but it just didn't work well. Probably because the towels I chose to make ours with were too thick. Live and learn.

At any rate, I decided a robe would be better post-bath anyway because it would stay on and would keep her warm (darn that chill inducing AC vent smack dab in the middle of the bathroom floor!).
About the same time I was processing all of this and trying to decide if I should wing it and make my own pattern or buy a commercial pattern, Dana released her Beach Robe Pattern.
Hooray for PDF patterns!!
I bought it right away. I love Dana's patterns. Always so clear, great photos, lots of options.
I was a tad bit concerned because the largest size of the pattern was 4T and we are pretty close to the time where all things 4T will be put in bins in the basement. . . so I cut out my pattern pieces a bit larger than the large.  I guess I DIYed an XL.  In hindsight, the large probably would have worked out fine but this one gives her room to grow (which she insists on continuing to do).
The towel she chose is a lovely raspberry color, not quite as purple as it appears here.
I was pleasantly surprised with her choice. I fully expected her to pick hot pink or something equally glaring.

When we got it home, the terry cloth went so well with the Kaffe Fassat print that I used to line the hood that I about squealed with delight.  I made my own bias tape from some Urban Chicks that's been in my stash for a good long time now. I just love all of these colors together.
As you can see from her expression the Bug is super thrilled with her new robe. . .
Or not. . .

I'm not sure what happened between the towel aisle excitement and the actual finished product but not even the promised gummy bear bribe could coax out a smile.

She is currently referring to this as her beach robe and is refusing to wear it anywhere but the beach.
If you are familiar with the area we live, you know "the beach" is not really a part of our daily (or weekly, or monthly) reality. We are somewhat landlocked. Too many corn fields, not enough water.
So despite the downright awesomeness of the finished product this may be another "fail" simply because of the fickle mind of a four year old.

You win some, you lose some.
And who knows. . . perhaps next month she will love it.
I won't hold my breath, but I will hope. . .



  1. Very sweet Linds! Much cuter then my first robe sewn for Hadassah :) It's nothing special, but is now adorning the second Chupp female......Who knows what number 3 will think about it???? My boys never sported robes - but one of my girlies would likely wear one year around! Ya just never know with these brewing, hormonal, beautiful, sweet, girlies - what comes next!

  2. What a cute purple bathrobe worn by that lovely little girl. Kudos on your DIY bathrobe design.