Friday, July 29, 2011

The Runway. . .

Did you know Project Runway started last night?
I may have a slightly unhealthy obsession with this show, but do you blame me?? Really. . . combine sewing, fashion and reality tv. . . who could ask for more?

Did you miss it? Well, you are in luck!
The premiere episode is on-line now! Hooray for Lifetime getting it posted so quickly!

Since my dear sister does not have cable and hasn't had a chance to watch yet, here is my brief overview of who I like and who I don't without any spoilers.

Got some real strong personalities again this season!
My favorite designers (in no particular order):
  • ·         Becky Ross—Something about that army green stuff with the colorful linings and then her photo styling I just really, really like. And she is fun and seems really down to earth. I hope she is around for a while because I want to see more from her.
  • ·         Bert Keeter—He seems really sweet, sincere and HUMBLE which is certainly a lesson he could teach the younger designers. I really like him and think he's really a solid designer with lots of potential.  I love that he said he's doing the show to challenge himself to think outside of the box. I think that's some really great perspective and no matter what happens he's going to be a winner because of it.
  • ·         Danielle Everdeen—I really loved her line from the moment I saw it. She may be channeling Gretchen with a bit of vintage thrown in but I like it. (I liked Gretchen too so don't be a hater) Her personality may wind up irritating me. Time will tell.
  • ·         Fallene Wells—Love her sense of humor in her work (although it was a bit over the top on the first challenge, right?). I think she’s unique in a good way. Like her a lot. And I want her hair. How cute is she?

 Yep those are probably my favorites—mostly based on the stuff they brought to auditions and their personalities and not so much based on what they made for the first challenge (Which was WILD--but since I don't want to spoil it for anyone, my lips are sealed).

Other designer commentary. . .
  • ·         Anya Chee—She has got to be a liar. There is no way she has only been sewing 4 months and made a pair of pants that fit that well.  I'm sorry but no.  I don’t like her at all.  Which is unfortunate because I do like her clothes.   I just can't buy her story.
  • ·         Anthony Auld—Really like his story (beating testicular cancer) but hope it doesn't become a distraction. I guess that whole "Rockin' one" thing just got annoying for me.  I like his personality but he hasn't made or shown anything that wowed me yet--although I think the potential is there.
  • ·         Joshua Christensen—So the “token Evangelical Christian” on reality tv has become the “token Mormon”--is this a new trend? Dude, I hope you do better than your reality tv predecessors at living your faith and being real. I have a feeling it's going to be an interesting ride for him.
  • ·         Joshua McKinley—He is nicer & friendlier than I expected from first impressions. I just don’t like his design aesthetic at all.
  • ·         Julie Tierney—I really like her personality. I hope she steps it up though. I didn’t like her challenge look at all. But I guess that will teach you to sleep in juvenile print pj pants, right?
  • ·         Kimberly Goldson—She HAS to go home soon, right? I can’t believe she made it in to begin with.
  • ·         Olivier Green—He is fascinating. I really like his work and he almost made it to my favorites list. I still might need to amend. I'm on the fence.

So there you have it folks. . . my thoughts after last night's episode minus my feelings on the challenge garments (for the most part).

Anyone else obsessed with this show too? I'd love to hear your thoughts and your favorites. Let's dish!



  1. I just got caught up!!! I agree with your likes but I honestly like Anya. I LOVE her taste and styling and yes, the whole 'just learned to sew a few months ago' is really really odd, but she's good. She's really good.

    I also LOVE Bert. I was actually most excited to see what he could do.

  2. Once again, you show good taste!!!!

    By the way, care and share in Archbold had some interesting trims last week. You should come look at my fabric stash and help me clean it out!!

  3. If you were a drinker - and you were into drinking games - you could make a drinking game out of every time Anya said "first time." SERIOUSLY we get it - you are a natural genius Miss Trinidad & Tobago. That being said - I like her designs –A LOT. So assuming she can stop emphasizing how she has never done any of this before but is still so amazing – I think she has a shot.