Friday, July 8, 2011

UTH bag

Next week is our church's National Youth Convention.
Super excited about that.
Months ago, a friend and fellow youth staff member, commissioned a messenger bag for this occasion. She wanted something big enough for her Bible and extra "stuff"--including but not limited too her bunch of Mini Sharpie markers.

UTH is text speak for Youth, in case you were wondering.
The letters were freezer paper stenciled on to the flap before I sewed the bag together.
One of the coolest parts of the whole thing in my opinion is that she had these old coast guard patches of her husband's. I just love how personalized they make this with out being over the top and loud.
Because anyone who knows this friend of mine knows she is anything BUT over the top and loud. . .
(said with a wink and my best sarcastic voice)

The zipper pocket instead of the traditional open pocket on the back was a special request.
She and I, well, we share this "thing" for pockets and organization.
It might be a little OCD. Maybe. Just a little.
We might have gotten a bit carried away with the organization thing. Maybe.
You be the judge.
Flaps on the front of the bag open up to reveal more pockets and a few clips.
The main body of the bag is a light blue chambray which gives the bag great body and structure. (although I still used a layer of fleece interfacing)
The lining fabric is the viewfinder reals from Ruby Star Rising and was the inspiration for this whole thing.
I used an Ikea stripe for the zipper pocket linings and an Amy Butler sun spot dot for some accent pockets.
The ruffle trim is elasticized and I love it. I found it at Hobby Lobby. I like that it makes this bag just the slightest bit girly. I'm all about subtle details.
The strap sports a patch pocket and. . .
Just a little bit of appliqu√© on the other side.
And yes, because I despise turning long tubes of fabric I opted to finish the strap edges in navy blue bias tape. I really like the end look of it.
Inside, more pockets of course.
You can never have too many. Especially when they zip.
There is a key fob and an elastic top pocket on each interior side panel. I'm thinking one of these might hold the infamous Sharpie collection and perhaps keys and a phone in the other.

I am pretty sure my sewing machine may never forgive me for this project. We exchanged words, my Brother and I, on a few occasions and I had to coax him through the thick spots. But we made it and I think we are still friends.

I had no idea when I started this project how time consuming it would be but I think the end product was worth it. I made her promise to bequeath it to me in her will. It was that hard to part with.

Even better than the finished product though was the sheer joy on my friend's face when she finally held the bag in her hands.  We two creative types have been discussing this bag and the possibilities since spring (you think I am joking, I'll send you the e-mail chain) and it's sort of been much anticipated.  I hope it works well for you Staci and I'm so honored to give back just a little for all of the joy and laughs and stretching you've brought me. It seems a small thing to give when you consider, I am a better person because of our friendship.
Your love of "our kids" and your desire for personal Spiritual growth are inspiring to me and despite the fact that our two personalities couldn't be more different, I am so glad we are friends. Because really, we are more alike than we ever would have guessed. Love you girl!



  1. Lindsay! That bag is amazing!! I, too, would have a hard time parting with it! Your talent knows no bounds! You really blessed our subtle and quiet friend.

  2. Who knew a blog post on the most awesomest bag EVER would leave me in tears. I promise to bequeath :) and feel extremely blessed to be friends with such a talented lovely person.

  3. Ha! Thanks Jamie. I think the end result surprised even me! :)

    Staci, should have warned you about potential tears. ;) Hope you got your money's worth, lol!!!!