Tuesday, August 30, 2011

BFF Back Pack

The Bug's BFF turns 4 this week so over the weekend there was a very exciting bouncy house party.
It was THE talk all.week.long.
Since the Birthday Girl is headed off to preschool after Labor Day we decided that a new back pack was in order.

I've gotten to the point where I can whip one of these up pretty quickly, which is good, since inspiration struck only a week before the party.  I used the Let's Go Back Pack tutorial on Sew Mamma Sew. (tutorial created by Rachel at Four Wise Monkeys)
The fabric on the bottom is a really soft corduroy that's been in my stash for a while. I think this used up about the last of it. Nothing but itty bitty scraps left now.  The other two exterior fabrics are some that my sister gifted me at Christmas a year or two ago.  They are so perfect for so many little girly things.
The inside is vintage gingham from grandma. I love that big check pattern.
And since the birthday girl mentioned to her Momma that what she REALLY wanted was a pink princess backpack I scrambled and found a bit of princess blanket binding that the Bug found on clearance and asked me to buy. It was a quarter so I said, yes. And boy am I glad I did! How else could I have added princesses? I have no idea.
(photo courtesy of Kim Bell)

The birthday girl seems pretty pleased with her spoils!
I hope the backpack serves her well. Can't wait to see those first day photos!
We love you sweet girl! 
Have a happy, happy Birthday!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Weekend Traveler Dress

This past weekend the Bug and I hopped on a train and rode up to visit Aunt Michelle.
I thought. . . big city, new surroundings. . . I'll get some great photos of this new dress for the blog!
But instead, we got wrapped up in this. . .
Playing, playing and more playing.

So forgive me, these photos aren't perfect and staged but I think what they are is a great testimony to the comfort and wearability of this little dress.
The fabric is a cute little coral colored stripe knit that I found on clearance at JoAnn's.  It's so soft and light weight!  

My new favorite thing to do at fabric stores is to search the clearance bolts for cheap knits. For all the fabric I have inherited and picked up over the years, my stash of knit is woefully slim!  

The accent fabric is a dark charcoal skinny stripe knit also picked up somewhere on clearance. Hooray for not paying more than you have to!
The dress pattern is mostly my own. I started by lengthening the tank top pattern from this book (love that book!) but I made so many changes along the way it's hardly the same beast.

The heart is simply appliqu├ęd on the front.  It's my favorite little detail.
This photo just makes me laugh. . . but it does give a nice view of the leggings. I was hoping for more of a biker short length but the Bug was in bed and I couldn't measure. I added some elastic ruffle trim at the bottom in lieu of hemming them. Oh how I love the non-fraying properties of knit!  Ultimately, I don't love the ruffle with this so I think I'll cut that off and hem the leggings to a shorter length.

While it's not perfect, I'm pretty pleased with how this little dress turned out.  I don't have a serger so the whole thing was done on my cheap little sewing machine. 

One last little summer dress for the final dog days of summer.
Perfect for our little weekend traveler.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Ruffles, Ruffles everywhere!

This ruffle dress pattern and I have a love hate relationship. 
I hate sewing on all those ruffles but I love the way it all comes together in the end.
Ultimately the time measuring and pinning is worth it. 
Especially when your model is this cute.
This is the first time I've sewn up this dress in a print and I've got to say, I think I like it even better.
I found this linen blend sketchy floral at JoAnn's and I want to go back for more. It's so pretty and modern looking.
I had to make some 11th hour changes to suit the petite little Miss. When her Momma tried it on her the straps were too far apart for her narrow frame. Since I didn't have time to completely redo the bodice, I snipped off the straps and added a band of white bias tape all around the top of the dress. I moved the ties in about an inch and a half total.  I think I like that pop of white even better than the original version.
They don't come any cuter than sweet little H.
I'm guessing she was the star of the dance floor at this wedding reception.
I love you sweet girl! I hope you get lots of wear out of this little dress because you are to die for cute in it!


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How I am spending my week...

Have any off you heard of the legendary Route 127 yard sale? I hadn't until last year.  Turns out my sister and my hometown is along the route.  And as it turns out - my mom has come into some stuff to get rid of - more stuff than she could deal with on her own - so I have taken time off to help set up for the sale. 
 Last year was our first year participating - and this year we are back for more!  In preparation, I spent most of my day yesterday at one of my favorite places on earth - my Grandparents farm.  Of course it is different now, without them there, but the memories are thick in the air (or was that the humidity?) 
Anyway, being out there reminded me, I promised my sister back when she posted this - that I would do a similar post showing the fabric loot I took from my Grandma's stash.  So finally here it is! Mind you this is maybe a quarter to one third of the fabric I ended up with, an exhaustive look at what I got would be, well, exhausting!
So here we go, I was able to also get some nice wool (you might recognize the blue/grey wool in front for the baby shoes),
some upholstery, ticking and canvas,
some old scarves,
some interesting corduroy,
some colorful floral patterns,
some tiny floral patterns,
some dated floral prints (yes the one front and center is vinyl),
and just dated ...
(The story behind this print is that my mom made my dad a shirt out of this back in the day.  Though somewhere along the line someone also made a shirt for a Ken doll out of it, so that is how I know the print best. )
And last buy certainly not least - okay maybe least, these shorts:

All they need is a bit of elastic and they are ready to go.  Maybe that should be my next project?
Any other fun fabric finds out there, inherited or otherwise?  Any other fabric hoarders out there, or are my sister and I the only ones that can't stand to see a good piece of fabric go - even if it is sewed into yellow terry clothe hot shorts?