Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How I am spending my week...

Have any off you heard of the legendary Route 127 yard sale? I hadn't until last year.  Turns out my sister and my hometown is along the route.  And as it turns out - my mom has come into some stuff to get rid of - more stuff than she could deal with on her own - so I have taken time off to help set up for the sale. 
 Last year was our first year participating - and this year we are back for more!  In preparation, I spent most of my day yesterday at one of my favorite places on earth - my Grandparents farm.  Of course it is different now, without them there, but the memories are thick in the air (or was that the humidity?) 
Anyway, being out there reminded me, I promised my sister back when she posted this - that I would do a similar post showing the fabric loot I took from my Grandma's stash.  So finally here it is! Mind you this is maybe a quarter to one third of the fabric I ended up with, an exhaustive look at what I got would be, well, exhausting!
So here we go, I was able to also get some nice wool (you might recognize the blue/grey wool in front for the baby shoes),
some upholstery, ticking and canvas,
some old scarves,
some interesting corduroy,
some colorful floral patterns,
some tiny floral patterns,
some dated floral prints (yes the one front and center is vinyl),
and just dated ...
(The story behind this print is that my mom made my dad a shirt out of this back in the day.  Though somewhere along the line someone also made a shirt for a Ken doll out of it, so that is how I know the print best. )
And last buy certainly not least - okay maybe least, these shorts:

All they need is a bit of elastic and they are ready to go.  Maybe that should be my next project?
Any other fun fabric finds out there, inherited or otherwise?  Any other fabric hoarders out there, or are my sister and I the only ones that can't stand to see a good piece of fabric go - even if it is sewed into yellow terry clothe hot shorts?



  1. It's been good having you around this week and, I know your Mom has appreciated (and needed) all your help.
    Love you.

  2. I'm thinking you should wear the hot shorts for the Apple Festival 5k. Think about it. ;)