Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall Dress. . . and, can I get a new model?

I love my child.
I love sewing for my child.

I hate taking photos of my child wearing the things I sew.
And she hates the photo sessions too.

No amount of bribery helps.
I am going to start sewing for the neighbors.
  It's gone from Hot as Hades to chilly fall weather overnight around here and the Bug's dress wardrobe for Fall is woefully lacking.  I have a hard time buying dresses because I always think "I can make that cuter and cheaper" and then I never find the time.  But she only wants to wear dresses, which leaves us in pickle.
Last weekend found me in between projects, waiting on an on-line fabric order to ship, so I picked up this purple and brown striped knit remnant (from my recent Vogue shopping trip!) and channeled some Pinterest inspiration (here and here) to come up with this cute, sassy little dress.

Perfect for my cute, sassy little model who marched up and down this patio area declaring "Boring, boring, boring. . . this is boring" and avoiding my camera with incredible skill.
This is my computer desktop right now because when I see it, I can't help but laugh.
You aren't fooling anyone little Bug a boo. . . you love the dress and you know it.


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