Sunday, September 18, 2011

Why I love

I have not been reimbursed in any way to provide this opinion. It is solely mine.
Though in the spirit of full disclosure, I am weak and if decided to send me some fabric to say "thanks" I can't say I'd turn it away.

I have a lot of fabric.
Even so, sometimes I don't have "the right" fabric for a project.
I do not live close to a single "cool" fabric store.
Like not even remotely close. (shed a few tears for me, I know, it's terrible)
There is a JoAnn's and a Hobby Lobby and a Super Wal-Mart around 20 miles away so I am not wholly deprived of places to run my hands down the aisles of bolts, but I have a weakness for the the nice stuff those places just don't carry.

And this is where on-line shopping has revolutionized my life.
I have several stores I've used in the past.
Hawthorne Threads is right up there. . . but my number one go to place to shop for fabric on-line is
And here's why. . .

1.  Free shipping on orders of $35 or more.  And rare is the time I am buying less than $35 worth.
2.  The prices rock! For the most part all the designer lines are comparable or cheaper than other retailers in my experience.  Pair that with free shipping and they have a definite advantage.
3.  Daily deals, lots of clearance and super cheap yardage! If you can't tell from the previous two reasons, I am a thrifty girl.  I enjoy a sale and seriously, fabric under $2 a yard?? Heaven help us, I might need to buy a bigger house.  
4.  Great Customer Service and Return Policy. . . until recently, I've not had a chance to experience this first hand but had heard great things.  Seriously though, a "no questions asked" return policy that pays return shipping? I love that because buying fabric on-line is harder than in a store where you can touch and see everything right there. You are never quite sure the color, the weight or the texture will be just right.  It's good to know that if it isn't right, you aren't stuck.
So this week I received a big stack of fabric for three special orders I'm working on.
When I saw this silvery synthetic weirdness I knew it was a mix up.  That is not Chartreuse and White small dandelion print home decor weight cotton by any stretch of the imagination.

My heart sunk a little. I despise confrontation and didn't want to have to call the company and deal with an exchange, etc.  But I'd heard good things about customer service. . . and, BONUS they had an e-mail address. Hooray for enabling my non-confrontational-ism! I should add that to the list.  I quickly checked out the return policy on-line and then e-mailed customer service with my dilemma.

In about a day and a half someone got back with me.  They apologized for the mix up, arranged for the right yardage to be sent and told me to keep this silver stuff for my troubles.
Rock on!
I don't even have to go to the Post Office.

In well over a year of ordering I've never had a problem with the wrong fabric being sent until now. And I'm sure it happens occasionally but it's not a frequent occurrence.  Hopefully this bolt isn't mis-labeled in the warehouse or something because I think if I get another yard of this silver stuff I think I might cry.  Still, at least I know they will do what they can to make it right.

And that means even more to me than all of that savings.

Cross your fingers with me that the next yard of fabric delivered to my doorstep looks like this, would you please?  

I'll keep you posted.


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