Friday, October 21, 2011

Chair upgrade

 Fabric is not the only thing I inherited from my grandma.
Grandma and Grandpa were collectors of "stuff".  This kitchen stool is one such item.
I have memories of my little sister sitting on this for Sunday lunch when she was yet to small for a regular chair.  
Such fond memories. . .
She's a bit worse for the wear, yes?
Years on a farm will do that.
But I loved her enough to save her.
I didn't love her grimy upholstery or chipped paint.  It wasn't the good sort of chippy, you know?
So I grabbed a couple cans of chrome spray paint and went at it.
I am too impatient to dig out a tarp.
Our grass will probably be silver there until next spring. I don't imagine there is much growing and mowing left for this season.
Before spraying, I removed the upholstered seat and seat back and the rubber pads from the steps.
I also rubbed the whole thing down with steel wool to take care of as much of the rust as I could.
I pulled the nasty plastic fabric and rotting foam off of the base of the seat and back and cut quilt batting and this cute laminated cotton to size.

Hello Lindsay's foot!  
You cannot deny my photography skills are impeccable.
Or not.
The fabric is Amy Butler, purchased at when they were having one of their super daily sales.
I wrapped it tightly and used my glue gun to secure it to the metal seat base. Both the seat and back fasten onto the chair pretty securely so the glue was really only needed to hold things temporarily until I could screw it all back together.
And here she is finished!
I bought a foot of rubber matting from the hardware store and cut new skids for the steps. Who knew they sold that kind of stuff? It was a very precise measurement too. The kid had my husband hold his shoe up to the roll in order to measure off a foot.
I wish I was kidding.

But it worked well enough and I have more mat should I ever need it for anything.

I absolutely love this chair now. It is the bright spot in my very bland (for now) kitchen. And I love that it has a history and such wonderful memories along with it.

I don't tackle non-sewing projects very often but this one was fun and I can already feel myself developing a spray paint addiction.
Good thing I don't have more free time to go thrifting, I'd have to invest in cases of spray paint. . . although a rainbow colored lawn could be pretty come the first snow melt, right?

O.k., o.k.. . I'll dig out the tarp.



  1. Adorable!!! I have a chair like that from my great grandma and I now know what I need to do! Great job!

  2. Very very cool. lol at the silver patch and the kids measuring skills. ;-)

  3. Love it! will buy me a chair like this next time I see one.

  4. Looks great! I love that laminated many uses. I too have a rainbow colored yard...Krylon Ocean Blue Breeze is the current shade!

  5. I was just passing by and thought id stop to say hello. I'm checking new blogs today, and i hope you folks are enjoying the fall weather like we are having here in Pennsylvania. Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon county.

  6. That is so awesome! My grandma has a chair exactly like that but brown metal and bright orange vinyl. Love your redo.