Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Dress and Cape for Little Red

This pretty little thing needed a Red Riding Hood cape for Halloween.
I told her momma I'd be happy to make her one, figuring I could just wing it, right?
But then I saw on facebook that Little Lizard King was working on a cape pattern.
And she asked me to test the pattern. Perfect!
Is it not perfectly adorable? I love how it just about touches the floor and the way the hood poufs out just a bit down around her neck.
She is just lovely.

And like every single LLK pdf pattern I've used (and I've used quite a few) the directions are clear and easy to follow. This cape is a quick sew and it would make a great project for a beginning seamstress.  Just imagine the possibilities for Halloween costumes and dress up bins! A simple change of the fabric and this could be a princess cape. . . leave off the hood and it could work for your little super hero. . . Dracula? . . . piece of cake!  You've got Trick or Treat in the bag this year!
Never one to leave well enough alone, I also made Little Red a dress.  This is another LLK pattern, the Elizabeth Claire dress this time. 
I think it is so cute and fun the way you can combine so many different fabrics.  And this dress kind of has a little bit of a vintage vibe while still remaining modern.
Just a quick picture of the dress inside out. . . In kids apparel I like to use French seams like this where ever possible. I just think it looks so much cleaner and it's got to feel better up against their skin.
I can't wait to see her in it.
I think these two are going to bring home big candy trick or treat night.

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  1. Adorable! After visiting the 18th century I want a cape and this just sealed it! Why do kids get to have all the fun :)