Thursday, October 13, 2011

Executive Insulated Lunch Purse--say that 10x fast

Remember the little fabric mix up (blogged here)?
Well, I finally got the correct fabric and found the time to whip up this cute little lunch bag.
The pattern is from the book, "Lunch Bags!", that I checked out at our library.
The book is full of a variety of really neat lunch bag patterns (as the title would suggest, right?). This particular one is called the Executive Insulated Lunch Purse.
Slightly wordy title but I guess in a book full of lunch bags you have to get extra descriptive.
The bag itself is extra roomy, which I really like.  You could definitely fit your container of last night's leftovers in here with a bit of room to spare.

And it's insulated with a thermal interfacing. Bonus!
On the inside I used a super colorful Amy Butler print that I purchased 3 yards of thinking I would make a dress for The Bug.  Being a glutton for punishment, I of course assumed she would like it and didn't check with her first. She doesn't like it. Go figure.

But I still LOVE it and I was thrilled that it complimented this lime green home decor weight dandelion print I used on the outside.  I think that bright splash of color is going to contribute to making even the most blah of leftover lunches a bit fun and exciting!
A new to me sewing detail was this zipper that hangs off both sides of the bag. It it an interesting look. I'm not sure it's personally my style. I might opt for a more traditional completely inset zipper when I make this pattern again. But, I do like how there is that little square of stripes about halfway down each side. 
Cute, just not highly functional.

Over all, I was very pleased with the way this turned out and it was so hard to part with!
But I ordered plenty of this fabric so I think another of these bags might be in my future. . . or yours. . . Christmas is coming you know!


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  1. What a great lunch bag! I really like both fabrics....they would brighten anyone's lunch break!