Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas Stockings Updated

Last year Michelle made these awesome stockings for our family out of Grandpa's old over-alls.
They are such a treasure. Really, I think they may be my favorite new family Christmas tradition.
We ran out of time last Christmas season, but we always had intended to embroider names on the wool cuff.
So a few weeks ago, realizing the Christmas was sneaking up on me, and that my Mom would need these to begin filling them soon, I dug into this little project. . . . the whole time thanking God for our small family! ha! I only had seven names.
I love the stockings at the Purl Bee. That font rocks. Slick and modern.
But in the end, I decided to just use my own handwriting as our "font".
That and a simple split back stich just felt down right homey to me and I think ultimately, that fits us well.
We are not so much a "slick and modern" group of folk.

This was a quick, fun little project. Just the right size to take along to work on in the waiting room while those little Princess Ballerina's do their thing.
I super duper love these all together like this and I am so excited for the holidays!



  1. Those are so great and special. My MIL made my boys stockings from an old family quilt and appliqued their names on them. It's something they can use all their lives.

  2. I love this idea so much. I've been working on stockings from my late father's army blanket for the entire family... hope I can finish by xmas!