Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fall Bag

I've had this fabric sitting on my sewing room floor with the intent to make a new purse for over a month.
It finally happened last night.

I pinned the inspiration bag 8 weeks ago. . . so maybe the fabric has been on my floor for (gasp!) two months.

The lovely mustard colored wool is from my Grandma. This photo doesn't do the depth of the color justice. It really is so pretty.
I was just telling some friends how I am trying to be more intentional about taking quality pictures and now today I give you this. . . cell phone pictures taken from at my desk at work.
The green carpet and grey file cabinet really sets it off, right?  Right??

O.k., no, I know. . . but I was excited to show you.
The lace is lovely. From a bunch I bought while thrifting. I adore it. I am so NOT a lace girl but for some reason I am drawn to this. And I think the wide brown stripe down the front breaks up the "frill" a bit and brings a little modern to a whole lot of vintage.

I kind of like the new shape of this bag. It's a bit taller than it is wide.  A new design for me. . . I sort of just cut it out and let it happen with no real plan.
It's how I roll. . . at least in the sewing room.
I'm still debating if I would have liked it better with one more pleat at the top. I don't know, I'm kind of a "do things in odd numbers" kind of a girl.
What do you think? Is the negative space above the pleats interesting or awkward?
And I love, love, love the lining fabric. Alexander Henry Dagmar Plaid, scored for $5 a yard at Lolly's in Shipshewana.  The pockets are a coordinating print I bought at the same time but the name escapes me.

You'll notice I still need to press and top stitch around the top of the purse. I had to watch Survivor last night (priorities, right?? How about that Cochran folks?? Wow.) and just ran out of time. But I'll get to it eventually.

And yes, I am giving you a glimpse into my messy purse. Keeping it real folks.  
You know I love my pens. And my Tide pen.  And I've got to have my phone charger.  And yes, there's fruit snacks and a Tootsie Roll in there, I am such a mom.
And of course, there is a small zipper pocket in turquoise. . . love that unexpected pop of color. No one else may ever see it but it makes me smile.

Can you believe how disorganized my new purse already is? I know, it's terrible. The papers there are things I need to keep tabs on though. . . the most recent JoAnn's flier, which I've yet to clip the coupons from, and my jury summons. . . yeah, you know you're jealous.

So there you have it. . .
My Pinterest inspired Fall purse and a quick glimpse into the mess that resides therein.



  1. Oh my! The inside is just as beautiful as the outside. Love all of those amazing pockets for the huge stash I carry around with me everywhere. I just dumped my purse out this morning, so I could give it a wash. Time to switch to something more fallish!

  2. A classy bag with a fantastic inside. You've done a great job on the pockets... so many. I'm not big on lace, but it works on this wool material. To my eye, odd numbers always work better in design than even numbers. I like the larger space at the top. A great bag!!! ... your newest follower.