Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving dress

I may have been on the ball with the Christmas dress, but the Thanksgiving outfit was an 11th hour decision.

I wasn't going to make anything, but then I saw this orange and brown floral knit in my stash and it just seemed so darn Thanksgiving-y
. . . and then I tore a hole in one of my favorite orange striped shirts (it was an accident, I promise!)
. . . and then I spotted another orange stripey knit in my upcycle pile that just went well enough to be funky.

You see how it all snowballed, ultimately leaving me with no choice, right?

I used a shirt pattern from my favorite kids clothing book and made some pretty significant alterations to make this little dress. The leggings were made by tracing an existing pair of her leggings onto my fabric. It came together pretty quickly and easily even with the pattern adjustments.
Unfortunately, photographing the Bug in it was no where near as easy.
She was in a goofy mood.
What is this? The monkey pose?? Who knows.
When I asked her to act normal she got all offended.
So I let her wander and took pictures of her from behind, when she wasn't looking and I cut her pouty little head off.  That'll teach ya!
You can see I took some details from the two original shirts I was upcycling and re-used them on the dress.
First, the button placket from the polo. . . I just cut it off of the polo and sewed it right onto the neckline of the dress. It's just decorative, not functional. But it doesn't need to be functional since the neckline is nice and stretchy.

I also took a small pocket off of my favorite shirt and sewed it onto the short sleeve of her dress.
The long sleeves were cut from the original shirt sleeves so I just used the existing hem.  Hooray for short cuts!

The cute yellow rick rack was a super lucky find at my favorite thrift store.
It is straight out of the 70's I think. It's a real nice stretchy double knit sort of thing. I've never seen anything quite like it.  
I didn't have much so I conserved by adding it only to the front panel of the skirt. 
And then just to be fun and funky and unexpected, I added it around the hem of just one leg of her leggings.
Can we talk about the leggings for a minute?
They fit perfectly.
I have never made a pair of leggings that fit her the way I like them to.
And I didn't make a paper pattern, so I probably never will again.

This is the lone "good" photo I got that shows the entire ensemble.
And I only got this because I informed her her posing was not up to par for receiving the promised candy reward.
Hey, I do what I can and I take what I can get.

Ultimately, it's a cute and comfy little outfit that the Bug loves which is a huge accomplishment considering there isn't a lick of pink or purple or sparkle.
I think she will actually wear it again!



  1. Absolutely darling...and I am coveting that 70's rick rack....LOVE the color!

  2. Some tricks I've learned about taking pictures of kids:
    Always kneel down at their level. It makes the kids not have to look up at you (unless that's the look you're going for) and you end up getting shots with better lighting, and the kids look better in general.
    Use bribery AS you take pictures, don't force them to wait until after. They have super short attention spans and get frustrated about not getting the promissed whatever until what seems like eons.
    Let them wander and play and twirl, and whatever else, as long as they aren't going to get hurt. If they are having fun, it will LOOK like they are having fun.
    Make sure they have already eaten and it's not a "grumpy time" of day for them. (Is it close to nap time? Then wait!)
    Make sure your camera battery and SIM card are READY. Taking a few shots and then having to run in to do this or that and then go back out tends to annoy you, and them.
    These things don't *always* work. But it helps! :)
    P.S. Cute dress! And good job on the leggings.

  3. A cute little matching outfit!!! Just love the large ric rac!!!

  4. Cute outfit! I have the same sewing book but I haven't tried any of the patterns yet. This is definitely inspiration to get to work!

  5. So cute!! love it! and the monkey pose is my favorite :)