Tuesday, December 20, 2011

AMH Artist Tote

I suppose you are wondering where we've been?
Making Christmas gifts, of course!
It's ironic, isn't it, that the two most productive sewing weeks of the year are the least productive blogging weeks?  But secrets must be kept.

Thank goodness for family Christmas gatherings the week before Christmas! I can spill the beans on this gift now and not have to worry about spoiling the surprise!
This ah-mazing bag was my gift to my sister. The pattern is the Art Student Tote from Anna Maria Horner.
When I pinned it on my "Project Inspiration" board she commented that she loved it and I knew this is what I wanted to make for her. She and her husband travel a fair amount and I thought it might make a nice, roomy carry on bag.

The fabric is from the Modern Meadow collection from Joel Dewberry. I knew the color combination was perfect for Michelle. And how gorgeous is that Dogwood print? I just love it.
While the front of the bag has two zippered pockets, the back is fairly simple and shows off the fabric quite nicely I think.
It was also a great spot for one of our 402 tags. Man I love those.
I need to get in the habit of using them. . . most of the time I forget. But it adds such a nice touch I think.
It was hard to get a picture, but this beast of a ginormous bag has an extension panel inside that can be pulled out in case you need to carry more "stuff".  It is amazingly roomy. Almost over the top roomy.

I am so happy with the finished result.
The process? Well, that was a little rough.  I found the pattern slightly difficult to follow. It was more like a traditional paper pattern than the very detailed, photo heavy PDF patterns that are so prevalent and I have been accustomed to.

And for some reason, I just had a lot of construction "issues".  I realized late in the game that I had two different colors of D-rings. I decided to just go with it, not knowing when I'd get up to JoAnn's to get more but then I hated it. So I made a special trip up to JoAnn's. As I was replacing the mismatched rings I stuck myself HARD with a straight pin that I had some how sewn in between the outside fabric and the lining. Ugh. So I opened up the lining seam and fished around until I found it and could pull it out.

But it was worth the drama to see the end result and the look on my sister's face when she opened it.



  1. Love it! Have it at work with me today - packed as a carry on for our flight tonight! Got it just in time!

  2. Cute bag! Was hoping to make it for a friend of mine who travels a lot too! Colors you have look great! Thanks for the inspiration and push to try this pattern!