Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Christmas Day Dress

This girl of mine, she is my muse. . .
I could not stop sewing for her if I tried.

Therefore, she has more Christmas dresses this year than any little girl needs.
You may remember the apron dress? Technically, that was last year but I made it big enough that she could wear it again this year and she did.
Then there would be the silver "test" model dress.  You know, the one with the too small neck? Yeah, I fixed it.
But all along this little purple number was the one I intended.
This time the neck fits. Thankful I made a muslin.
The pattern is the Sara dress by littledresspattern on Etsy. The fabric is a beautiful satin that I found at JoAnn's.

My cell phone photo doesn't do it justice but I don't carry my big camera to church--even on Christmas day.
I used the wrong side of the satin for the bow around the neck and for a band around the bottom. I think it's just the right amount of sophisticated detail.

She has lovely purple shoes that are just perfect for this dress.
However, when you are four there is no pair of shoes more perfect than the one that glitters.
My beautiful girl was thrilled.
She said, "Mommy, everything I am wearing today sparkles! It's like I'm going to a wedding. I look like a princess!"
Yes dear girl, you are my little princess.


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