Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sewing Gifts for Me!

I got a BUNCH of sewing related gifts this Christmas.
It's so exciting.
You know I MUST be thrilled if I am posting a photo of myself. I never do that.

The quilting book and Gingher pinking shears are just two of the things. I got a new 1/4" foot for my machine that I can't wait to test out and a new (larger) thread rack, a point turner, some marking pencils, some quilt basting pins and some binding clips.
All things that will make sewing. . . and quilting in particular. . . more efficient.
The most exciting thing for me was this quilt frame. I love to hand quilt but I have been using a large embroidery hoop to hold the quilt as I work and it's just not the easiest method.

This frame is light weight. It sets up and tears down easily and it isn't so huge that I need to devote a whole room to my current project.
Now that I can stretch my quilt all out and work on larger sections at once I feel like I'm getting so much more done! It's really exciting. I have been working on this quilt forever and I'm just dying to see it finished!
More than anything, I'm excited to give it to it's owner!

I also got a tripod for our camera so I am hopeful that my photography will improve a bit. I'm thinking about building a light box for photographing smaller projects, but at the very least, it will help avoid the inevitable wiggle of my hand when trying to take project shots.

It was a good Christmas for sewing.
Did you get anything exciting and crafty?  Does your family support and encourage your habit like mine does?  I am blessed, for sure. So very thankful.


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  1. Ooh! Your gifts make my heart go pitter pat! I am just in awe of that quilt on your frame already! I didn't get many sewing gadgets--other than a little rolling "stitch piercer" for paper and some thread to go with. I think I'm going to venture out and try it on some lightweight leather for techy cozies. My big surprise was a new camera!! Curious to see how your light box comes together. I've been meaning to make one too. You are very blessed indeed to have so much encouragement from everyone.