Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Can you help? Will you help?

Several months ago I saw a logo for a place called "Lily's Closet" on a friend's face book page.
I clicked on it. I don't really know why, other than the name caught my attention.

As I read through their "info" section I knew this was a ministry I wanted to support.

Our purpose is to reach out to broken, hurting girls with God's amazing, healing love, and to give them eternal hope.
Company Overview
Who we are:

Lily's Closet is a ministry designed to reach out to middle and high school girls from Goshen living in difficult life circumstances. It is a store where these girls will be able to come and shop for clothes- for free! Each girl is paired with a staff member who serves as a "shopping buddy" for the day. When the girls finish shopping, the staff will have the opportunity to pray with each girl and talk with her about how much God loves her.

We believe that in meeting a physical need of clothes that these girls have, we are able to meet the much greater spiritual need these girls may have. God has a huge heart for these girls and absolutely moves mountains for them! This is a huge opportunity we have to reach out to broken, hurting girls in our very own community!

Follow us on Twitter :) Lilys_Closet
Our mission is to tear down walls of pain and hopeless with God's love by building relationships and providing clothes for girls in need.

 I e-mailed Madison, the contact person listed there, and offered the services of our Crafting Hope group.  I thought maybe we could sew some cute spring scarves or simple skirts for them.

She e-mailed me back with a different request. . . hanger covers.
Hanger covers???
A quick internet search turned up a few things better suited to Grandma's Closet than anything else so I asked what exactly she had in mind.
(photo via: Taylors Closet)

She sent me a few photos and I set to work thinking through some very simple pattern making.
Once I had a pattern, I made a special request of our sewing group.
Lily's closet needed 250 of these simple little things by the first of November!
Seemed manageable to me at the time. . . that's 10 people making 25 covers, right?

Well, obviously I wasn't thinking.
People were sewing Christmas gifts in October. (I wasn't thinking Christmas until late November. . . ahem)
By November 1st we had about 65 of them.

I put out my plea again. . . extended my deadline to the end of November. . . but still, with the holidays it was just too much.
So I told Madison I would revisit the project after the first of the year.

And here we are. . . after the first of the year.
And this little Lily's Closet vision has grown a bit I think.
The request has changed.
250 hanger covers would be great, but they could really use 1,000.

And this is why I need your help.
On Thursday, January 26th at 6:30 pm the Crafting Hope group will be meeting at the Nappanee Public Library.  We are inviting out anyone who can iron, cut or sew to help us make as many of these in a two hour time period as we possibly can.
We will form an assembly line, so if you can't sew, don't worry! We'll let the non-sewers iron or cut fabric.  Working together we can do exceedingly more than we could on our own.

For more information, including a supply list, please go to the Nappanee Public Library website (or e-mail me,  402CenterStreet at gmail dot com).

If you can't make it that night or you just simply live too far away, would you please consider making a few of these for us on your own?
You don't need to be local. I'd love nothing more than to see this project become bigger than our little corner of Indiana. I'd love to see God's grace and love for these girls grow all over the country (perhaps, dare I say, the world?).
I will be posting a tutorial soon.  They truly are a simple and inexpensive little project.  Very little sewing skill is required. I promise. 

I am looking for 40 people who will commit to make 25 hanger covers.
I am praying specifically for this and I am believing that the God who multiplied the loaves and fish will multiply our faithfulness.  This job is too big for me. It is too big for the small group of seamstresses I know. But it isn't too big for the God we serve.

If you need further convincing, please take a minute and watch this local news channels coverage of what Madison is doing with Lily's Closet.
That's right folks, she is 17 years old. She had the first inklings of this idea "a few years ago" at a youth conference.  That would make her, what, 15 when she had this vision?
So what say you? Will you help us?

E-mail me if you will commit to making 25 (or more!) of these hanger covers.
402CenterStreet at gmail dot com
I will send you an address to mail the completed covers to as well as be available for any help you might need along the way.

And please friends, PRAY.

Lily's Closet opens on February 2nd.  
I'd love nothing more than for every hanger in that building to be covered in unbleached muslin and the prayers of the saints who sewed a bit of hope into the lives of the hopeless.

Thank you Friends.
Stay tuned for the tutorial.


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