Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dish Cloths for Mom

I had this post pinned on my "gift" board for a while. I thought daily dishcloths were such a great idea.
I decided to make them to put in my mom's stocking this Christmas.
Actually, I was going to make them for a lot of people. My mom is the only one who actually got a set. . . this year anyway.
My letters are a bit bigger than the originals because I cheated and used the die cut machine we have at work for cutting out the letters.  Hooray for short cuts!
Get it. . . short CUTS??? 
I took these with me and worked on the hand stitching around the edges of the appliqué while the Bug was in dance. It made for a good little waiting room project although I think if I make them again I would just use the sewing machine for time sake.

This is a nice little scrap buster project. . . although I'd have to start mass producing them if I wanted to bust all of my scraps.  Seriously, the scrap bin is out of control. I have this inability to throw fabric away and lack of time to make that glorious scrappy quilt in my head.

I am not sure, personally, that I'd be disciplined enough to use the "m" dishcloth only on Monday and then wash it, ditto for each day of the week. Nor do I ever do dishes daily. More like once a week when they get piled up and I'm all out of bowls for my cereal. 
But they are cute, right?
Perhaps a monogram or something would have been better?

At any rate, it was a fun little project and a nice way to dress up a rather mundane object that represents to me the most dastardly and dreaded of all household chores.
You think I exaggerative? You try living your entire adult life without a dishwasher and then see how you feel. (Grumble, grumble)

Hopefully these bring a bit of cheer to my mom's day. . . whatever day she opts to use them!


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  1. ><>
    We do use dish cloths, even though we have a dishwasher (she loads, I empty). I haven't seen any of these get used yet though. I suppose being hand made by her daughter makes them much too special to actually use.