Thursday, January 26, 2012

Simple, Handmade Gifts for Boys

You won't find a lot of sewing for boys ideas on this blog.
It's not that I don't love boys. I just don't have one of my own.
But I do have nephews. Seven year old twins with a baby brother on the way.
And a Momma who appreciates hand-made.

As such, I was so inclined as to make a few of their Christmas gifts this year.
 For baby boy, I made this sweet little vest and tie onesie.
I first spotted this idea on Pinterest, but I've seen it all over the web since.
I can't wait to see the little man in it!  Mostly, I just can't wait to meet the little man.
I tried a new technique for printing these shirts for the soon to be big brothers.
It involved Mod Podge and embroidery hoops and screen printing ink (which is ridiculously difficult to find in my neck of the woods).
You can find the tutorial I used here.

You can see it's a little bit rough, so this method is probably not best to use if you are going for something really clean or intricate. But for these shirts I kind of like that look.
I didn't sew a single thing for this gift but I think it's one of the favorite gifts we gave this year.
I found the idea (again) on Pinterest.
It's a big 5 gallon bucket from Lowes with a "bucket buddy" to hold art and craft supplies.
We hit up the dollar store and Target and Wal Mart and decked this puppy out.

I love that there are lots of pockets on the outside for the little things, glue sticks, tape, paint brushes, scissors, glitter glue. . . and then big things like coloring books, construction paper, and pipe cleaners can go inside the bucket.
Now the boys have everything they need for getting creative here in one spot. And they aren't limited on where they have to be creative, they can tote this bucket around with them anywhere.

Love it.
It was a lot of fun to challenge myself this year and try to come up with some handmade gifts for these special little guys.  And it was fun to see their faces when they opened everything up.
Thank you Pinterest and all you crafty people who pin these awesome things! That inspiration folder in my head was getting a bit unreliable.  


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