Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pinterest inspired wedding quilt

So not all quilts take me two years to finish.
If the quilt top is only two lengths of fabric sewn together and the quilting is widely spaced and sewn by machine, turns out I can whip out a quilt in a little less than a month. 
Which is good since the inspiration for this wedding gift hit sort of last minute.
This quilt was floating around on Pinterest and I knew I wanted to re-invent it for a special wedding gift.
The names of the bride and groom are embroidered, along with their wedding date, on the big heart.
The little hearts are the initials of their precious daughters.

I wanted the script to look sort of rough, like it would if it were actually carved on a tree, so I just used my own handwriting as the basis for the embroidery.  I used a simple back stitch then to fill it in.

The hearts are appliqued onto the quilt top.

The quilting was pretty much free handed since the lines I drew in my disappearing ink pen disappeared before I finished sewing.
I used store bought binding on this but so it didn't look quite so store bought, I made the front side thin and the back side thick.  Once it was washed, that fold line faded a bit and I assume with time it will work it's way out.  

Check out that rockin' mitered corner.
I wish I could say all of my miters look that sharp.

The binding I attached to the front by machine and then hand sewed down in back.  I think that's my preferred binding method.
You know, in all my vast quilt binding experience.
I had no idea at the time I chose this vintage sheet from my stash for the quilt back, but the bride's colors for the wedding and reception were exactly this citrusy pallet.
I love it when a plan comes together and I look like I know what I'm doing.

This was a fun project and such a neat way to honor this little family.



  1. It is lovely. What a thoughtful gift. I come from a long line of quilt makers and adore them.

    1. Thanks Dayle! I love them too. Wish I had more time for making them!