Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Winner Winner!

First, apologies for the extended absence from blogging. It was unintentional but it seems a sewing slump collided with a period of extreme busyness and lack of creative inspiration ensued.
I blame post-Christmas shock.

At any rate, a few weeks ago I was having kind of a rotten day.  I don't even remember what exactly had gotten me down I just remember that I was feeling blah.  I checked my e-mail on my phone before heading in to work for the day and low and behold the subject line "You are a winner!".
I thought at first it might be fishy but my e-mail is pretty well locked down and I don't typically get spam in my inbox.  Then again, I don't typically WIN anything.
But, after a quick look at the sender's e-mail address I saw it was the author of a blog I follow and I decided I could trust it.

I opened the e-mail and sure enough it was Heidi from Honey Bear Lane informing me that I'd won a giveaway, sponsored by Fat Quarter Shop, on her blog.
My day suddenly looked up.
Funny how free fabric can do that.
Better yet, the jelly roll was actually a line of fabrics that I really, really like!  It's called Urban Cowgirl and is designed by the Urban Chiks for Moda.  The Urban Chiks are responsible for some of my favorite fabric collections of all time, including the fabric on the patchwork pillow pictured up there, Swell (Currently Out of Print, sigh. . .).  I used one jelly roll of Swell to make one of my favorite projects EVER, the Blue Bird Quilt and I have two more rolls and some yardage stashed for a quilt for the Bug's bed, "someday".

If you've been following for any length of time you've seen me sew with the fabric lines 1974 and Happy Daisy too. 
Here and here and here and here
Geesh, yeah I think I like those Chiks.

I'd love to get my hands on some of the vintagey goodness of Sweet and Dream On and how adorable would Hullabaloo be for a nursery?  But really, a girl has to draw the line somewhere and I'm trying not to spend money on fabric this year.  That's why this win was so much fun!  I got my new fabric "fix" without spending a dime!

Thank you Fat Quarter Shop and thank you Honey Bear Lane for absolutely making my day!
Now. . . what to do with this lovely stuff?  Thoughts?


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