Friday, March 9, 2012

Special Baby Shower Gifts

You can tell it's crunch time at our day jobs by the scarcity of our blog posting.
Michelle, because she is a tax accountant, is knee deep in numbers and code and all that stuff that makes me queasy.
And I, well, I and my friend/ co-worker Jessica are knee deep planning Spring Into Art, a big art fair/fundraiser for our library. (If you live in or around Northern Indiana, check it out! It's worth the drive!)

Michelle will be back in and among the living mid-April. For me, it will be early May before I start feeling less frazzled all around and have the creative energy to give above and beyond the 9 to 5.
Please forgive the lack of posts. I do have several projects held back just waiting for the time to blog them so we won't be completely silent.

Like this. . .
My lovely sister in law is expecting her third boy. I thought she deserved a pretty diaper bag because let's be real, Mom's the one that has to carry this beast 90% of the time so it might as well be pretty.
I pinned this free tutorial at a long time ago thinking it would just make a cute all around bag. At the time, I didn't know anyone that was pregnant.

Then when my sister in law's shower rolled around this idea combined with another pin (Hospital Survival Kit) in my head and created the best shower gift eva.
I filled the bag with all sorts of fun stuff.  Trail mix, headbands, travel toiletries, hemorrhoid pads (oh yes I did), suckers, mints, lip balm, maxi pads. . . all those things you need but forget about. It was so fun.
The fabric is an odd textured mix of something. It's vintage. From grandma, of course. And it's PERFECT for a bag and perfect for my SIL. Girl is going to rock this mustard and turquoise bag.
The accent fabric is just a simple, sturdy chambray.

Inside the bag (sorry, no picture) there are pockets. Lots of pockets.  All shapes and sizes. One with a zipper even. Plenty of room for bottles and diapers and changes of clothes and any of Mom's purse type stuff. There are a couple of places for things to clip and be clipped. . . over all, it's a pocket lovers fantasy bag.
(I should add. . . I did my own thing when it came to interior pockets. While the tutorial is sufficient, I tend to prefer more and different types of pockets. So if you are using this tutorial and wondering where the clips and such are. . . well, that was just something I added in on my own)

And it doesn't scream "I'm a diaper bag!!" does it?
I think that's my favorite part.
Someday perhaps it will live on as an overnight bag or something. I love versatility.

I'm not sure why I've never made a diaper bag before. I've kind of been afraid of them.  It's such a vital tool for a Momma and I know how picky I was about mine.  But this one came together really well. And I think the key, really is just pockets, pockets, pockets.
I don't know. Time will tell.
I expect your honest review once it's stood the test of time Heidi, k?
And we couldn't leave baby out could we?
When we first found out she was pregnant my sister in law mentioned wanting a sock monkey for the baby.
We had just finished making sock monkeys for our Crafting Hope group so it was perfect.

This little guy sat in my sewing room waiting for a face for a couple of months before I finished him up.
I thought the bow tie was a nice addition.  Give him a bit of personality.
As if a sock monkey is ever lacking in personality.

Baby boy, you are loved. We are all excited to meet you, but hey, could you just hang on for a few more weeks?  We'd all feel better about that. Your Momma included. 
See you soon!



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