Friday, April 20, 2012

Carry Along Quilt

I realize I haven't posted about our Crafting Hope group in a while.
Despite my lack of posting, we do still continue to meet every two months or so to make projects for local charities.
At our last meeting we made these cute Carry Along Quilts for our local CAPS to distribute to kids in need.
Our hope is that they will be of comfort to perhaps a foster child or someone in need of comfort.
They are small quilts that roll up and button with this cute little strap, making them easy to carry.
My friend, Kim, and I made this one together.
It's a fairly simple pattern. Just nine fat quarters sewn together in rows so it came together fairly quickly.
I found the fat quarters and binding fabric at Wal-Mart.  I wasn't optimistic about what their options would be but I'm glad I checked.  I think these kitties are adorable.
And I like that the quilt could work for a boy or a girl.
Next time, Lindsay, clip your threads.
For goodness sake.

I really like this blanket stitch on the binding. I've hand sewn some bindings before that came loose after the first wash. Obviously, I have much to learn when it comes to binding a quilt by hand. But there is no way this machine sewing binding is coming loose.  And it looks cute too.

Well it would be cuter if I'd have snipped my threads.
Is anyone else bad about that or am I the only one?
The back is a sunny yellow flannel.
We tied each block in the center. The instructions for this quilt in the Craft Hope book didn't include any quilting instructions, nor did they mention the need to tie it.
But I was afraid that without a little something the batting would all ball up and not stay put, right?
I wonder if that was just an oversight in the instructions?

This was a really fun project. It was kind of neat to work with someone else on it since so much of what we've done is kind of Lone Ranger-ish.
No way would I have finished this as quickly without Kim's help.

Anyone have any ideas for our next project?
We meet again in May. . .


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  1. I did a pillowslip tutorial search and hit on your blog:) I am sewing for Dress a Girl, which is a mission to dress little girls worldwide. We use exactly your pattern. I loved the way you ended your tutorial with if we were planning to ship our dress off to Africa, be sure to say a prayer. I am planning to go, for the second time. Hopefully in two years. Love what I am seeing on your blog:) And thanks for sharing your knowledge.