Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy Easter!

I did it!
I finished the Bug's Easter dress and got it photographed before Easter.
There were times I didn't think it would ever get done. But it did!
The dress is a remix of the free Party Dress pattern from The Cottage Home.
I love this pattern because it's so lovely as is but also lends itself to re-interpretation.
One of the big changes I made was my biggest headache. . . a zipper rather than the covered buttons in the pattern.  It was rough.
I found this fun chiffon print on clearance at JoAnn's.  I stalked it for a long time before I bit the bullet and bought a few yards.  I knew it would be difficult to sew.  
The shearness of it required me to make two dresses, the chiffon layer and the lining.
The skirt is super full.
It makes for a spectacular special occasion dress.
It also twirls quite nicely.
The original patter has a contrasting band of fabric around the hem too.
I knew from the beginning that I didn't want to do that.
What I didn't think of was that it would mean I had to hem, not one, but two very full skirts. 
And one of them a light weight, kind of stretchy, delicate one.
Another adaptation was the bodice.
I started out with the chiffon layer flat over the lining but felt like it was kind of boring.
So I cut a second bodice, a good deal larger than the pattern and I gathered it.
I absolutely love the texture the gathering adds.
And, excuse me as I freak out at how old my little girl looks here.
The sash gave me the most pause.  I couldn't figure out if I wanted more of the same fabric or if I wanted some accent fabric.  I tried a bunch of different colors from my stash before I unearthed this sunny yellow.
As soon as I held it against the dress I knew for sure.
It was a lot of work.
But it was well worth it.
She loves it. I love it.
I apologize for the photo heavy post.
My girl was in an unusually compliant mood for our photo shoot and we had a gorgeous day for it.
We had so many good photos to choose from.

Hopefully Easter Sunday is as nice!

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  1. Beautiful! You little Princess has a new gown! Do you have as much fun making her clothes as she does posing?

    1. I do! Actually she doesn't usually like to pose at all so I think I have more fun most of the time. :)

  2. What a cute dress! I love the fabric you chose. Looks really beautiful. Well done!

  3. What a lovely dress! Just gorgeous :)