Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Screen Cover

Another simple project here. . .
This one is a dust cover for the new computer monitor we bought after Christmas.
This cover serves a dual purpose.
First, it keeps dust off the screen and protects it.
Second, it makes an ugly screen a more attractive addition to our living room.

I love this fabric don't you? It's called Dagmar Plaid by Alexander Henry.  It fits our living room color scheme quite nicely.

For this quick and easy project, I draped the fabric wrong side out over the monitor and pinned where I wanted the seams to be--snug but not too tight. Then I pulled it off and cut it out around where my pins were, leaving just enough extra for the seam allowance.  
I cut a piece the same size from a nice heavy neutral flannel for the lining.
I sewed two seams on each piece and then put the lining inside of the outer piece (wrong sides together) and finished off the bottom edge with some bias tape I had on hand.

Could not have been a simpler fix and I love looking at it.
Since the lines on the fabric look painted it makes the monitor almost look like a painting.
Problem solved!
I wish they all were this quick and easy!


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  1. One other nice feature about this cover, is by using a heavy flannel for the lining, it acts as a dust cloth every time you take it off and on.