Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Granny Bag

Several weeks ago, some friends of mine got together for a girls weekend in NYC.
I was bummed that I couldn't join them but things on the home front and at work were just too crazy to get away.

About a week later I got a surprise package in the mail. (well, it was sort of a surprise. . . someone sort of let the cat out of the bag early, Ahem. . .)
In the package was this note, and two yards of Denyse Schmidt fabric from Purl Soho.
I love that they specified that I need to make something for myself.
They even took a group picture.
How cute are they?
The fabric was awesome and fun and so appreciated, but seeing their smiling faces? That was the best.
They even sent me the little card. Oh yes I did save it.
Who me? a pack rat?
Perhaps a little.
Carry Me
So what to make? I thought about it for a while.  A bag made the most sense since I DON'T sew clothing for myself as a rule. 
My friend, Z (she's the one hiding in the photo above) had requested that I make her a bag for her crochet projects and we settled on the granny bag on the cover of this book, Carry Me.
I LOVE the bag and decided I should take the pattern for a test run before cutting into the AMH fabric she selected.
Totally selfless of me.
 This is a BIG bag.
My husband delights in calling it my granny bag.
I don't care. I love it.
I think I keep less in it than I did my old purse, so go figure.

The instructions in the book were a bit complicated to figure out at first. It's a series of diagrams, and written instructions that are kind of minimal.
Not at all like the photo heavy tutorials I've been spoiled by.
But if you've sewn a bag or two before, it's not too hard to figure out.

And while I don't think this type of bag would be too hard for a beginner to sew with more complete instructions, I definitely wouldn't recommend this book to beginners.
My only complaint is the pocket situation.
I don't like the way they tell you to put in the zipper pocket. When I make it again, I'll do it my way.
And I'll put in considerably more pockets. 
Z will need a place for crochet hooks and other tools after all.

I thought at first that the lack of any closure on top would be an issue, but the bag is so big that all of my stuff sits WAY down in the bottom and doesn't ever come close to falling out.
I like that it's split a bit at the side seams so you can turn it down. I think that will be a great feature for a crochet bag.

As for the book, there are a lot more cute bag patterns to try!
So who's going to send me the next batch of fabric to play with?



  1. Oooh, I like! God bless girlfriends!!!!

  2. How sweet of them! And that bag is amazing! PERFECT for shopping at Shipshewana, craft shows, or the Waky Children's Resale! :) I can't wait to learn to sew better so I can make myself some bags! I love looking at all of them on Pinterest and drool over their cuteness. Someday soon I shall attempt one!!!