Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Sunshine!

A very special someone is turning five this weekend.

She requested a party at "the bouncy place" and after all the work of last year's mermaid party, I was happy to oblige.  A party that requires little to no prep from me? Yes please.

I have a sickness though. It causes me to have too many ideas and not enough will power to pull back.
So I set a theme.
Because even a bounce house party needs a theme, right?
I figured rainbows made sense since those enormous bounce houses are always very colorful.  And what five year old girl doesn't love rainbows??

So I created my Pinterest board and went to work collecting inspiration.
I'll share the favors and some other things later but first. . . the dress.
 Inspired by this one on Burda Style.
I wanted it to be a tunic. The Bug wanted a dress.
You see who won.
I'm not sure how practical a dress will be for jumping. . . but it's her birthday after all. And I've learned to listen to her opinions and ideas if I want her to actually wear what I make.

I chose a simple shape so that the rainbow would really stand out. This sheath dress is a tad bit roomy but I think that will help it be comfortable for running, jumping and playing.  Not to mention it will fit for a while. Always a plus when you are spending this kind of time on a project.

The rainbow part on front is pieced from seven different solid colors.  It wasn't as difficult as I thought it might be.  After I drafted my pattern I just drew the rainbow curves on and then cut the pattern up (if you try this, remember to mark which curve is which color and don't forget to add your seam allowances when you cut your fabric).  Once it's all cut out, it's just like a puzzle, piecing it all back together to resemble a dress front.
 I went back and forth on how to treat the back of the dress. I bought an invisible zipper especially for this. But then I got this idea in my head for a line of rainbow colored buttons. . .
I searched through Grandma's button jar and came up with some fun vintage beauties but in the end, I thought the dress had a more modern look and shape so I went with these big colored buttons.

I think they may be my favorite part.
The button loops are rainbow colored hair elastics, one of my favorite quick and easy tricks.
The Bug noticed right away that the button loops were a "backwards rainbow".

I'm pleased over all.
It's hard not to look at it an see things I would have done differently but I guess that's all part of the process, right?
I definitely have ideas for using this piecing technique in the future.

And the Bug loves it.
You can tell because she actually agreed to model it.
And she smiled.

Can't wait to test it out at the bounce house!