Friday, June 29, 2012

Baby Gifts Modeled (Caution. . . Adorable babies ahead. . .)

Fair warning. . . 
You can't handle the cuteness. I'm dying over here.
 You've got to love it when a Momma loves her shower gifts so much that within a week she's given you photos of the outfits in action. . . and recruited helpers for the things that were too big.

Hello sweet little baby toes! I barely even see that bright skirt I'm so overwhelmed with the urge to kiss those toes. 
 And then there is this.
Heaven help us, does she not look like an angel?
This is exactly how I envisioned this dress in my head. I am so glad I got to see it on a model.
I really have no words for this one.
A big Awwwww. . . is all I can muster.
There is nothing sweeter than ruffles on a baby's bottom. . . Except maybe those curled up tootsies. . . Or that sweet sleepy face. . .

Thank you ladies so much for sharing your sweet girls with us! It is so gratifying to see something you've made actually in use and even more, to know it's appreciated.


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Sewing Lesson for the Bug

A few weeks ago a certain little had a case of the pink eye that required a few days at home instead of at daycare.
There may be some children who enjoy such things, but our Bug is a social Bug and too much time with just Mom or just Dad and no friends can be rough. Lots of unique activities are required to keep her mind off of the friends she is missing.

One of the days I spent home with her, I asked if she would like to sew a skirt. She loves to be in the sewing room with me. Loves looking at the fabric and going through the button jars. . .

Doesn't that sound sweet and idyllic? 
In reality it looks more like her pulling fabric and other notions off of my shelves and either throwing it on the floor or worse, "organizing" it for me (translated: moving it somewhere else in the room where she thinks it belongs and I will never find it). Going through the button jar typically involves her dumping a thousand buttons onto the floor, looking at them for 20 seconds and then going back to "organizing", and screaming like a banshee when I suggest she put the buttons back in the jar.
So now that we've established that. . . 

I wanted to sew.
I didn't want to deal with Bug drama while I sewed. So I, selfishly, told her she could make a skirt.
I knew the basic requirement. . . it needed to SPIN really well.
She dictated the rest.
She has been begging to do something with this rainbow stripe fabric for ages so I had a hunch she'd pick that.  I think I got it on clearance at WalMart and it's been in my stash for a year so I was happy to let her use it up.  We had just enough.
Another "must have" is pockets.  She chose the shape and the color of these.
I sewed them on. The curves wigged her out.
And she spent a good 45 seconds hunting through the button jar to find buttons to dress them up.
Small victories.
Yes there are five buttons on the pink pocket and three on the purple. Yes the purple buttons are random and four of the pinks are the same.

I'm not going to pretend that the lack of symmetry doesn't drive me bonkers.
But it's her skirt. Not mine. I fought the urge to control and just let it be.
And she wanted a bow belt. 
A BIG bow belt.
And here is our somewhat finished product.

Completely designed by the Bug (right down to choosing if the ties should be squared or angled at the end).  

Mostly sewn by her, with guidance of course. She really likes that foot pedal. I'm thankful for the speed control on my machine as she tends to enjoy putting the pedal to the metal so to speak! Makes a Momma a bit nervous.

I was tickled to have her wear it to school when she was finally able to go back.
My joy was abruptly ended by a temper tantrum over pocket placement.
Apparently she wanted them on the side seams.
Who knew.
I guess I forgot to ask.

I've yet to make a date with my seam ripper, but I will. No matter how much every ounce of me thinks rounded pockets on the side seams is going to look silly. . .
by golly I'll do it because that's what the Bug ordered and this is, after all her skirt.

I'm pretty sure Momma learned more from this first official sewing lesson than the Bug did.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Gifts for baby. . .

Am I the only one who finds sewing/blogging hard in the summer? 
Maybe I'm just out in the garden more. I don't know.
But I'm definitely not as prolific in the summer months.

I did get in there enough to make a few sweet little gifts for a baby shower this past week.
Baby clothes are so fun to sew. They take so little time and fabric comparatively.
 Embellishing onesies is alway fun. This one I just topped off with a bit of ruffle trim around the collar.
I think it's just the right amount of understated sweetness to pair up with this bold little skirt.
And the skirt (complete with threads needing trimmed. . . sigh. . .) is a simple design with a sweet little ribbon hem.  I love this fabric. It's been in my stash for forever waiting for just the right project. I think this was it.

Instructions on how to complete a ribbon hem are at the end of the Oliver + S Lazy Days Skirt Pattern. It's a technique I've used more than once to avoid hemming a garment!
My personal favorite summer baby gift is also the least photogenic.
It's near impossible to get a good photo unless it is ON a child. 
But Heaven help us. . . believe me when I say this little ruffle bum romper is the pinnacle of adorableness. 
If you don't believe me, click HERE (but don't blame me if you faint from cuteness overload!).

You can get yourself a copy of the pattern by Little Lizard King, here.
I highly recommend it.
The last gift was inspired by this beautiful embroidered pillowcase that was in my stash of vintage goodness I received from my grandma.

I ALMOST made a traditional pillow case dress.
Maybe I should have since that tutorial is the one thing driving traffic to this blog.
But I didn't.
You know me, I can't ever do the same thing twice. 
So I made a peasant dress.
 I used a bit of vintage bias tape to make some fun little stripes. One on the waist and one on the skirt--to make up for the fact that I cut the skirt too short! Shh! Don't tell, I made a mistake! Ha!!

I really do live the bias tape though. It looks so perfect with the sunny yellow flowers.
This embroidery bewitched me.
I am a sucker for a scalloped crochet edge.
I wish you could feel the fabric through the computer. It's the softest time worn bit of lovely you will ever see or feel.
It simply begged to be made into a dainty baby gown.

Unfortunately, I didn't make it to this shower but I sent my gift ahead.  I'm told there were great oohs and aaaahs among the crowd.  That stuff always makes me uncomfortable. But what I really hope is that the Momma felt loved and blessed because that's what it's about for me and it's what keeps me sewing. . . even when the sun shines bright outside my sewing room window and my garden beckons.

More baby gifts to come! Another sweet girl due the end of this month will be receiving a package soon! Assuming I get my act together and finish one last thing!