Friday, June 29, 2012

Baby Gifts Modeled (Caution. . . Adorable babies ahead. . .)

Fair warning. . . 
You can't handle the cuteness. I'm dying over here.
 You've got to love it when a Momma loves her shower gifts so much that within a week she's given you photos of the outfits in action. . . and recruited helpers for the things that were too big.

Hello sweet little baby toes! I barely even see that bright skirt I'm so overwhelmed with the urge to kiss those toes. 
 And then there is this.
Heaven help us, does she not look like an angel?
This is exactly how I envisioned this dress in my head. I am so glad I got to see it on a model.
I really have no words for this one.
A big Awwwww. . . is all I can muster.
There is nothing sweeter than ruffles on a baby's bottom. . . Except maybe those curled up tootsies. . . Or that sweet sleepy face. . .

Thank you ladies so much for sharing your sweet girls with us! It is so gratifying to see something you've made actually in use and even more, to know it's appreciated.


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