Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pleated Penny Pattern Test

Sometimes I do crazy things.
Like volunteering to do a pattern test in the middle of one of the most hectic weeks so far this summer.
But I'd been longing to get into the sewing room and there is nothing like a deadline to force me to prioritize my creative outlet.  As busy as I was last week. . . I needed this.

Behold the Pleated Penney from Shwin & Shwin.
 I made the tunic length in 5T.
I think it fits the Bug just right.

I made a belt but I decided it didn't need it.  I like how the top is swingy and full without it.

Like our dead grass? It hasn't rained here in a month. It's crazy.
 Part of the deal for getting her to pose was letting her pick the short and shoes so we have purple shorts, dirty flip flops and a random fast food toy which she is pretending is her cell phone.
I will take what I can get.

I love the smile and puffed up chest pose.
It tells me that she really does like this one. Woo hoo!
The print is from Amy Butler's Lark collection. Fat Quarter Shop had it 50% off a few weeks ago and I couldn't help myself. I pretty much drained my "fabric buying" money in my PayPal account!
Money well spent I think. I love this big bold print.
 This top is a quick sew. It's pretty much the same front and back.
Made nice and roomy by the pleats around the neckline.
Those pleats are the only thing I'd consider "difficult" about this pattern but they are meant to be kind of free form and they don't have to be even so just don't over think it.
 The arm holes are finished with a bias binding. I happened to have a bit of thin, white binding on hand so I just used that. But you could match it to your fabric or even do a second print if you want to make your own bias.

I had some minor issue with the straps. They seemed too wide so I basically made them half the width of the pattern. I was working late into the night so I think perhaps the error was with me and not the pattern.  I want to try it again and do it right.
 Just another shot of the back.
The zig zags at the top just under her hair are because I was working late    and totally forgot to add my tag when I stitched down the facing.  If I was making this for someone else, I would have ripped out the seam and sewed it in but it doesn't really bother me to see those extra stitches there.
Now if you'll excuse her, the Bug needs to take this very important call.
I have a feeling it's Ariel.


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  1. love the buttons at the top, and the seam binding makes the arm holes look very finished and professional. Adorable!