Friday, July 13, 2012

Selfish Sewing: A Maxi Skirt for Me!

I almost never sew for myself.
Which is funny since when I first started sewing it was entirely for myself.
But I was small and cute back then.

Since I picked up sewing again it's been almost exclusively for the Bug and other little Bugs with a bit of quilting or home decor thrown in.
Sewing for myself is pretty much limited to making a new purse every three months or so.

I'm an immediate gratification seamstress. If I can't get it done in a couple of hours, forget it. I don't have the time or the brain space to devote to it.  
Last weekend I tried on a maxi skirt at Target and fell in love with it.  Even better, I knew I could use it as a pattern to make more skirts for myself. The design was so simple that I knew it would be a quick project too (meaning, I might actually get around to doing it!).
So I did it!
It's just a simple three tiered Maxi skirt. Each tier is a bit wider than the one above it so it's gathered slightly to fit onto the tier above.  I took my tier measurements by laying out the purchased skirt on my cutting mat and writing down the dimensions (plus seam allowance).

The waist is a simple elastic casing. The Target skirt had a drawstring too but I totally forgot to add it until it was too late. No big deal, it fits fine without and it didn't really add anything aesthetically. 
Side note: I used elastic that said it won't twist and yet, it twists. Grrr. . . 
I've sewn it down flat in a couple of places but it is still twisty. What the heck? Any tips or tricks out there?
The hem just barely grazes the top of my shoes.
It's perfect and breezy and comfortable.
Super cool for these hot summer days with the added bonus that the legs could be a little over due for a shave and no one will be the wiser.
I love this fabric too.
It's a voile that I bought on sale at ages ago, specifically with the intent to sew something for myself.  It's a bit bold but paired with a solid tee I think it works.
I do feel a bit hippie-ish when I wear it and carry my big ol' granny bag. But it's fun.

So now the question becomes, How many maxi skirts is it practical to have in one's wardrobe? 
Because I can see myself making many more.

Is there any interest in a tutorial?



  1. Concerned reader who is not your sisterJuly 13, 2012 at 3:15 PM

    Um...if you want to make a bunch and feel guilty about all the selfish sewing, you could make a couple for your sister. I am sure she could use them for her up coming trip to Africa...

  2. I would love a tutorial on this, or a link to something that would show an overtired mommy who can't think straight the specific steps involved :)