Thursday, August 23, 2012

A quick shirt for a little gentleman

I'm in the midst of sifting through photos and putting together the maxi skirt tutorial. While I do that I thought I'd give you some more cute baby to tide you over.
 Have you ever seen such eyes? And lashes?
Heaven help us.

This little sweetie is the much beloved nephew of a friend from church.
She and her husband watch him over the weekend on occasions when both his Mommy and Daddy have to work and she wanted something "fancy" for him to wear on Sunday mornings.
I love it.  This is such a fun little shirt to do.

I wasn't finding ANYTHING I liked in my stash for the vest fabric until I came across this bit from AMH's Lou Lou Thai line. It's called Hugs and Kisses. Perfect for such a sweet boy who, no doubt is constantly covered in hugs and kisses from his auntie.

The tie, then, is a vintage scrap. From Grandma, of course, as are the buttons.
Gotta love these quick little projects that use up those fun little scraps that I can never bear to throw away.



  1. Thank you again! And yes constantly covered in kisses and hugs. How can I resist? :)

  2. Also another one I Love!!!!!! I am your newest follower NOW!!!!!!! OH by email!!!! thanks again Linda