Friday, October 12, 2012

KCWC Days 1 & 3 Finishes

I had a chance to photograph my two "finishes" for the KCWC so far.
The first one was a simple "fix" to a too short pair of pants.  It seemed simple and cute.

It wasn't simple. It should have been. But the ruffles weren't long enough if I followed the tutorial. So I wound up cutting and hemming a completely unusable strip of fabric.  I hate hemming.
It's not the patterns fault, I'm sure it was mine. But it made me cranky.
 And then when they were finished? It just wasn't my thing.  I don't think I'm a "boutique clothing" kind of a girl.  But we decided to give them a whirl at Kindergarten today and the Bug likes them.  She said her teacher did too. 
  So obviously, I'm the one with the problem.
This picture is cute. They might be growing on me.
I do love that I'm giving a pair of jeans that were too short before they were ever worn a second life. That appeals enough to my inner cheapskate that I'll keep these in the rotation.
 I feel the complete opposite about this dress.
I'm in love with it.
I want one for myself. 
 The pattern is the cowl neck dress from Heidi & Finn.
I bought it a while back and have been dying to make it.  KCWC was the perfect excuse to give it a go.
I made the 6T and it fits perfectly. Whew! Good thing I made this one up since that's the biggest size it comes in.
 It's super cute for fall with a pair of tights.
I think it would be equally cute dressed down as more of a tunic over leggings or jeans.
 It ties in front. I wasn't sure if I'd like that but once I saw it on, I preferred a front tie to a back tie.
The neck turned out to be more turtle neck than cowl neck but it's still really cute and warm.

Tonight I start the Oliver + S Puppet Show Tunic! Wish me luck!

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  1. I completely agree with you about not being a 'boutique clothing' type! They are super-adorable, but they really just aren't my thing! :D

    I'm with you on the dress, tho. That is AWESOME.

  2. Love the dress; perfect for winter!