Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cat in the Hat Day

We got a note in the Bug's backpack last week that Friday they kids needed to wear dark clothes in honor of Dr. Seuss (they were dressing up like the Cat in the Hat).

So I did what any sane person would do. . . I checked her wardrobe, found nearly everything lacking and decided to whip up a quick skirt that would tie the "acceptable" pieces together. 
I had this gray and black striped sweatshirt knit in my stash. I love it. And it was perfect. 
I was planning just a simple elastic waisted twirly skirt but. . .I had this pattern book (Sewing MODKid Style) I hadn't used any patterns in yet. . . and they had this cute tiered skirt. . . and a tiered skirt doesn't take THAT much longer than a basic skirt. . . so it was decided.
We love it. All of us.
It is on the big side. I made a 6 in the hopes that it will fit for a while and I imagine it will.
The pattern and instructions in the book were very straightforward and this was a very simple sew. Maybe an hour start to finish. It made a great little project for procrastination. Does anyone else do that? I really needed to be packing for a weekend away but rather than do that I started a new project? Tell me I'm not the only one??
It spins way better than a plain old non-tiered skirt would.
She thinks she's a rock star.
No really. . . she does.

Yet another win for mom! Woo hoo! Well loved skirt should be worn for a long time.
I wish I could have took her pictures all decked out but they haven't brought their hats and bow ties home from school yet.

And is anyone tired of seeing the curtains in front of my washer and dryer? Sigh. . . someday it WILL be warm enough for outside photos again. Spring IS coming. Until then Friends, I'm sorry, this will have to do. Thanks for your patience.


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  1. I love your daughter's skirt!
    Tx for sharing :)
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