Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Happy Easter!

I made a set of Easter dresses for a friend's three girls a month or so ago and I've been waiting to share them with you until now. This past Sunday was Easter for those in the Orthodox tradition and these sweet girls had a lovely day for modeling.
Aren't they adorable?
Little sister and middle sister both have dresses made from an adaptation of the Party Dress pattern on The Cottage Home. I added the gathered overlay on the bodice, skirt lining and zippers in the back.
Very similar to the Bug's Easter dress last spring.

Big sister got a slightly different design.  It's the Josie Dress from Jennifer Paganelli's book, Girls' World.
It already had a gathered bodice so no alterations were needed for this pattern other than putting in a skirt lining.

This butterfly fabric is so cute and so springy.  It's very light weight and a bit slippery and stretchy to sew with but it's also surprisingly forgiving.  I bought it from JoAnn's on clearance last spring. I bought all they had around here and then found 4 more yards on eBay so that I'd have plenty for these three dresses.
It was totally worth it.

The Bug still loves to wear her butterfly dress so I hope these little ladies will enjoy theirs for a long time as well!
Happy Easter!


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