Monday, June 24, 2013

Tote Bag for Teacher

A good friend needed a gift for a very special teacher and asked if I could make a tote bag with lots of pockets. It seems, across the board, that this "a lot of pockets" request is a common one.
I used this tutorial for my measurements and basic instructions though I did add additional pockets inside.
I liked that this has these little side pockets on the outside of the bag. I turned my pocket lining a bit to the right side of the pocket and then topstitched because I wanted it to look a like piping. I like that it lends a bit of distinction between the pocket and the side of the bag.
And here is the inside. The center zip pocket is what makes this bag in my opinion. It made the construction a bit more difficult but it was totally worth it.
The side pockets are the ones I added. Teachers have lots of stuff. Lots of stuff requires lots of pockets.

The plaid fabric is one I've had in my stash for a long time. It was mostly scrap and didn't have a selvidge but I'm thinking it might have been Urban Chicks, 1974 line?
The solids were random cottons I had in my stash and that awesome floral is from JoAnn's. They were sold out last time I was there and I'm kicking myself for only buying a yard. 

I'm pleased with the results and hope this very special Kindergarten teacher gets some good use out of her new tote.


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