Monday, July 22, 2013

3rd KCW Finish. . . The jury is still out. . .

 Bolstered a bit by the apparent success of the "simple" shorts I went back into the sewing room to attempt a third pair, with adapted "smaller" pockets.  The fabric is a green and white striped upholstery weight fabric that I bought from to make a bag out of. I did make the bag but I had a good amount of fabric left over.
I really like this pair of shorts too. I like that the pocket stripes are opposite the shorts stripes. If I look at them too long on my computer screen my eyes go all buggy but I promise it's not that way in person.
 I was super thrilled when I looked at this up close photo and saw how nicely my stripes matched up at the crotch seam! Go me!! Perhaps that will detract your eyes from the fact that the stripes on the left pocket are a bit wonky and not so horizontal?
Look! These stripes match nicely too! (Have you forgotten the crooked pocket lines yet? No? Come on!)

While these shorts did not receive a resounding hurrah! They were not immediately rejected, which sometimes is the best I can hope for. She says she will wear them "someday" but not today which is why you have photos of the shorts on the grass.  We do what we can. Today was not a day to push with her.

And my KCW sewing momentum has died down. It's been a long day. I miss my husband. I don't feel like sewing. So I'm cutting myself a break tonight. Back at it tomorrow perhaps.
Good night all!


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